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Day 2 of SnappedAway In-Depth Series with Milica Stefanovic. We talk about her work and how she started taking pictures.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your photography style to our readers?

My name is Milica Stefanovic and I am from Belgrade, Serbia. Fine Art graduate with major in Painting.

How did you get interested in photography? And why did you pick photography as a medium and a form of expression?

It is something that runs in the family as my father was a photographer. To us taking pictures was the most natural thing to do. You know, like family vacations and road trips. We always had various cameras in the house so I got the chance to play around with them a lot while growing up.

I firstly consider myself as a painter more than as a photographer. However, I still find photography such crucial element of my development as a visual artist. To me, taking pictures is the link between those two worlds I live in – totally surreal and literal: my paintings/drawings/prints and photographs of the world around me.


How did you learn how to shoot? And what did you find the most helpful source of information along this way?

Flipping through A LOT of art books, researching, following the work of artists I like and watching and reading their interviews and biographies. I am always curious about what moves other people, what gets them inspired… I love the idea I am able to witness how artists change during time…

How about your photography style? Can you describe your journey to where you are right now?

I aim at making some sort of tension in my photographs. At times total discomfort but also aesthetically satisfying in “regular terms”.

The idea of tension came from what interests me in general. I have always been drawn to pieces that involve not only the national identity and collective memory, but also symbolism, theology and mysticism. Something that my partner, who also happens to be an artist, and I tend to describe as “Zent od propasti sveta” (fear of the end of days).

As I was getting aware of this influence, I was getting more and more familiar with the feeling I want to create.


How do you work? Please share your workflow with us.

Repetition is the most important working process to me and I nurture that idea in every medium.

I tend to go over and over one subject until I reach the point of completion. A lot of various images come in between that period of time, but it always comes to the point of going back to the form I started from. Repetition itself reflects the idea of time – taking time doing and observing what interests me. As days go by repeating things over and over less I think about the product and more I focus on what that subject truly is.

Rediscovering subject’s true nature through repetition I consider as my main goal.



What is your favourite or memorable project/ photo you have worked on. Why? And also what is the project you will share with us?

I think I am not able to name any in particular as I generally enjoy working on things. Maybe the ones that included communication with other artists.

Project I’d like to share is called “About My Grandfather”. The images describe his everyday life through his house, his belongings, tattoos and gestures. The project can be seen as collaboration. Photographed spaces and surfaces were previously created by my grandfather’s life routine… and they’ve waited for me to photograph them…


What do you personally find challenging as a photographer?

Keeping the testimony of my emotions between film rolls, since they vary. Keeping my experiences well put together.

Do you have your favourite lens? Favourite camera?

I use Olympus mju II for years now.



If you enjoyed reading this post check the previous blog entry with my introduction to Milica’s work and also stay with us for more of her photography.

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