Side A Props by Ziemowit Maj

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On a Day 3 of our weekly In-Depth Series with Ziemowit Maj, SnappedAway is proud to present his recent series: Side A Props. This is how Ziemowit describes the project himself:

This was part one of a double project, in which I focused separately on people and on things we surround ourselves with.

Fragments of London became representations of Londoners, their creations, their tools and possessions formed a sort of instant anthropology, a replacement of their creators, users and owners. This is what Martians would photograph while researching life in today’s UK. Maybe they made me do it. It’s very likely now that I think about it.

Second part focused its attention on the inhabitants of this royal city.

Check our previous blog entries on Ziemowit Maj – Introduction to his work and Interview with the photographer. And as always stay with us for more of Ziemowit’s work. His next project Blue Take Over will be published tomorrow.

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